Assemblies Included in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK

The CRM SDK documentation have lots of interesting pages but often they go unread by me because I don’t read the CRM SDK as much as  I should.

What usually happens is I am searching the internet to try and solve a problem and I will randomly turn up on a really useful page, which you can see below.

Assemblies Included in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK

When developing CRM customizations you will use a number of CRM dll’s and the page describes the dll name and what it does.  Developers will probably know what the DLL’s do but I found it interesting to read the description of each namespace.

The list below was correct for CRM 2011 and I can’t find one for CRM 2013, I think the dll’s will be quite similar between the versions of CRM
The article also mentions the namespaces and has more descriptive information, so it’s worth reading the article