CRM 2011/2013 – Tool – New XrmToolBox plugin : Form Parameter Manager

Tanguy is never a CRM MVP to rest on his laurels has been busy adding more tools to his Toolbox.

The latest tool is Form Parameter Manager

This plugin helps you to create and delete form parameters in bulk. Without this tool, you should open each form properties panel to create the parameter required. The same operation apply when you need to delete them.

You can download the tool from codeplex using the link below



Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: How to work with Microsoft Support

As I have been answering some questions on the forums lately one of the more common questions is how do I get support.

Microsoft seem to have many different sites and not one clear site or page and every time I look I seemed to find a different page.

Today I found this really useful PDF , which provides important resources and best practices for engaging support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: How to work with Microsoft Support

        This document provides guidance on how to work with Microsoft Support when you need assistance with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Topics include: * Our commitment to you * Important resources to remember and share * Best practices in specific scenarios * How to contact CRM Online Technical Support

online support welcome aboard

The document goes through using the free resources, some common problems and the process of how to interact with the Microsoft support team and what information it would be helpful to give them to help them resolve your problem

Just in case you didn’t see the link above click here to download the document

CRM 2013 – Video – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SDK New Features – Client API

This videos goes through the new functionality in the Client API (JavaScript)

I will warn you, the woman speaking has probably the most monotone voice I have ever heard, which is a shame because the information is very useful but it sometimes become very difficult to hear it because I was tuning out.

She explains new functions at around 10 minutes with some examples

if you want to see what code has changed then this post lays it out really well

it has thing like this


    • Returns a string value of the primary attribute for the entity


  • Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification()
    • Takes in a string value to set a form notification with the passed in string
    • Pass in “ERROR”, “INFORMATION” or “WARNING” to dictate the type of notification


CRM 2013 – Free online trial available here

I was looking to create a free CRM 2013 trial so I can investigate and enjoy the new functionality

scratch your head as it all seems very different but yet similar to CRM 2011

enjoy the lack of popups

shocked at the autosaving feature

gasp at the real time workflows


Anyway when I typed in CRM 2013 free trial, it tried to usher me to a CRMBusiness web page who wanted to create this for me.  Quite how CRMbusiness managed to get a head of Microsoft for this (and I was using bing to search) was surprising.

I also got lost in a Microsoft Dynamics page maze which kept trying to find out what type ofuser I was (salesman, hr) and then recommended I download outlook crm extension

So go here to get your free trial, also be aware there is a country selection at the top, this is the UK you will need to change it if you are outside of the UK.

You should see this page and you know you are almost there

crm 2013 trial

Good luck and enjoy CRM 2013

Where to log Microsoft Dynamics CRM bugs and enhancements with Microsoft

I have seen this question pop up quite a few times on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forum where people are asking how to reports bugs to Microsoft, of course these are not always bugs but sometimes there is one.

I thought I would write a blog to let people how to do it.

The place to raise  enhancements is Microsoft Connect

so where/how do you report a bug.  I’m not totally sure but I think you have to raise it with the technical support team and raise an issue with them but maybe a CRM MVP who may read this blog could perhaps clarify this.
Trying to find out where to get support or to raise a bug will send you round in loops around the Microsoft various pages on the subject, there doesn’t seem to be any clear or concise page on the subject and the various sites seemed vaguely linked.  Quite why it’s so difficult to understand where someone should report bug doesn’t seem to make sense to me but perhaps I’m being stupid
I have been taken to this page a few times
so if you have a bug I guess you will need to contact technical support, I found this page

Contact Technical Support

Applies To

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Contact Technical Product Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (On-premises)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Volume Licensing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM sold through Microsoft Dynamics

Contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Working with Microsoft Support for Dynamics CRM Online

If your sign-in uses your company credentials or looks like this example:

If your sign-in looks like this example:

I also found this information on this page –

Getting support

For help and support information, see Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Support.

What is the Microsoft Dynamics definition of an incident?

You can submit a formal Technical Support incident when you experience a problem such as an error message or broken functionality while using Microsoft Dynamics CRM if you believe the problem is caused by a Microsoft product or service. If you’re experiencing multiple but separate problems, submit a separate Technical Support incident for each problem.

Technical Support will not provide general guidance or advice on using or customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For general product guidance and advice, visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Center or the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forums.

CRM 2013 – quick way to get the guid on a form

I had previously written an blog about this

and the method involved getting the url and copying out the guid from it, which is a bit slow and painful, particuarly on non default entities because there are two guids in the url and I keep forgetting which one I need.

Also someone informed the url is no longer displayed in CRM 2013!

Then a comment from Michael Blackburn gave me a much simplier solution, which I thought I should share because it’s certainly made my life a lot easier.

Press F12 to open the developer console, Click the script tab, and in the bottom right, next to the >> type in:

If you need to call any Xrm function from the context of the javascript console, you can do so by prefacing it with frames[0].


capture guid



Here is video link, showing you how to get the guid in Chrome and IE in CRM 2013

CRM 2013 – Check if your CRM 2013 installation uses best practises

Power objects blog have written some very useful blogs on CRM 2013 and I read this one the other day about the Best practices analyzer for dynamics.

I had never heard of the best practices analyzer, so here Microsoft’s description

    Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0 (MBCA 2.0) can help you maintain optimal system configuration by analyzing configurations of your computers against a predefined set of best practices, and reporting results of the analyses. Best practices are developed by a product development team or domain experts, and are packaged in the form of a best practice model. Models are available as separately-downloadable packages that can be run and analyzed by MBCA. MBCA lets users work with best practice models in a consistent, user-friendly way.


This picture from the powerobjects blog gives you a good idea of what the tool does


So the tool is basically used to check that you have installed CRM using the best practices in terms of service accounts, ports etc.

This would have been very useful when I was doing some CRM installations because it would have enabled me to check if I was on the right course, I see this as style cop type thing to check you programming to a standard.

I thought it might be useful to some CRM installers out there