Wages to go up for Microsoft Dynamic consultant’s in 2014

I got an email from Experis discussing Microsoft Dynamics market survey they ran recently.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to a link to the actual report but it was interesting and the results are good news for people working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

They have concluded from

  1. Permanent salaries and contract rates in 2013 were on par with 2012. However, we envisage these to increase in 2014, as demand is expected to increase for Dynamics Consultants due to Microsoft pushing this in the market.
  2. The biggest impacts in 2014 will be:
    • Microsoft’s enhancement of  user capabilities, specifically within the retail industry
    • Microsoft’s roll out of their latest versions of Dynamics AX 2014, due for release early 2014
    • The continual growth of clients upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2013
  3. Dynamics specialists have indicated that they are keener than ever to invest in their own personal development and training.  Enrolment in Microsoft courses will help keep specialists up-to-date with the latest releases.

I feel I should add the last part in, which is a link to their website

If you are looking to take advantage of the new job opportunities in 2014, visit our website for the latest openings.  Also they have a salary checker for people in the UK – http://experisit.salarytrack.co.uk//

Their findings are interesting, wages were static last year but now with the release of CRM 2013 there will be a requirement for customers to update to the latest version and this it seems puts a squeeze on the CRM resources and pushes the price up.

It also shows you the importance of keeping your skills up to date because not only will CRM 2013 skills be in demand but there will be less people with these skills.

Point 3 about personal training does sound in general like the people I have worked with whilst using Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects.  A lot of the people read/write blogs and have studied for the CRM certifications in their own time.  When new releases of CRM are released they make sure they learn about it.  At the moment CRM is quite fast paced with Microsoft making dramatic changes on a yearly basis, so if you didn’t keep up you would soon be left behind.

In general they seem a lot more self motivated and driven individuals, which is exactly the type of people you want to be working with I think.


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