Check out the Microsoft Dynamics Community Leaderboard

Along with the new badges and lots of other improvements in the Dynamic Community there is also a leader board. The leaderboard shows a list of the 3 different top tens and this list includes all dynamic flavours AX, CRM, NAV and GP.

Below is the link to the standard Leader board

In some ways the leader board is a bit redundant because it’s mainly just a list of Dynamic MVP’s and really this list isn’t going to change very much because most of these people have got practically all the badges/points, so it will be very difficult for a non MVP to get onto the leader board.

but I also found a link which gives you lots more details about how many questions people had answered, how many verified questions and other interesting facts and figures.  Click below to see

This link is a lot more interesting because you can view more statistics and even find yourself by clicking the highest badge you have.

if you have ever wondered how much effort the MVP’s put in to get their MVP status then you should look at the badges leader board section.

The number of questions they have answered (or attempted to) is incredible, I knew they worked hard and contributed a lot to the CRM community but the amount of effort they have put in certainly deserves respect and shows you the levels you need to reach if you want to be a CRM MVP.  I was only looking at the highest badges but you can you view other badges to find yourself (assuming you haven’t got the highest badges)

The first pictures show those people who have got the level 4 badge and the numbers are total questions answered.  So you get a count for every time you answer a forum post (but doesn’t have to be proposing an answer). I feature on this one with a small 300 which is way behind Jason Lattimer and Gus Gonzalez

level 4 - total answered questions

Problem Solver 5 shows how many verified answers the users have, Jason Lattimer has an amazing 394!

problem solver 5

The trouble shooter 5, shows the people with trouble shooter 5 and the number of suggested answer

trouble shooter 5


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