CRM 2013 – Free online trial available here

I was looking to create a free CRM 2013 trial so I can investigate and enjoy the new functionality

scratch your head as it all seems very different but yet similar to CRM 2011

enjoy the lack of popups

shocked at the autosaving feature

gasp at the real time workflows


Anyway when I typed in CRM 2013 free trial, it tried to usher me to a CRMBusiness web page who wanted to create this for me.  Quite how CRMbusiness managed to get a head of Microsoft for this (and I was using bing to search) was surprising.

I also got lost in a Microsoft Dynamics page maze which kept trying to find out what type ofuser I was (salesman, hr) and then recommended I download outlook crm extension

So go here to get your free trial, also be aware there is a country selection at the top, this is the UK you will need to change it if you are outside of the UK.

You should see this page and you know you are almost there

crm 2013 trial

Good luck and enjoy CRM 2013