CRM 2013 – quick way to get the guid on a form

I had previously written an blog about this

and the method involved getting the url and copying out the guid from it, which is a bit slow and painful, particuarly on non default entities because there are two guids in the url and I keep forgetting which one I need.

Also someone informed the url is no longer displayed in CRM 2013!

Then a comment from Michael Blackburn gave me a much simplier solution, which I thought I should share because it’s certainly made my life a lot easier.

Press F12 to open the developer console, Click the script tab, and in the bottom right, next to the >> type in:

If you need to call any Xrm function from the context of the javascript console, you can do so by prefacing it with frames[0].


capture guid



Here is video link, showing you how to get the guid in Chrome and IE in CRM 2013