CRM Dynamics Community Badges – how many people are following you?

In the new Dynamics Community site you can get badges for different things

blog posts

number of subscriptions

answering forum questions

Following Dynamics CRM Community members

If you want to learn more about the badges read the article below

Rewarding your community participation with badges

So there is one badge about how many people are following you, the badge is called celebrity.  I’m not sure what following actually does but I have the Celebrity badge 1 and 2 with one more following badge to collect.  I’m not sure why I want to collect the badges but I think it must be the gamer in me, striving for those achievements.

So this is the badge I am trying to collect is called Celebrity 3 and I need 15 people to follow me

The problem is there is no way to tell how many people are following you, so I asked the question on the forum

Reply by Eric Parsons

Hi Ben — It is unfortunately not currently possible for you to see how many followers you have, but we have received this request before and are tracking it as a potential enhancement for an upcoming site update.  That said, I am able to view it on my side — and I see that you currently have 8 followers, so 7 more and you’ll get the Celebrity 3 badge.  Good question and let us know if you have any others… or if you want an update on your number of followers in the future.  Thanks /Eric

Since then I have had two other people follow me, so I need 5 more followers.

So I would like five readers of my blog to follow me please.  If you follow me, I will be happy to follow you in return.

I am posting this on a sunday, whilst watching Sherlock Holmes, not sure what he would make of all this but I found that you can get a few of his books on the kindle for free