Sharepoint 2010 sites not showing in SharePoint Admin – restart the services

I have had two odd SharePoint 2010 issues this week.

The first issue was suddenly the Admin console stopped working.  This was annoying but luckily it was part of a load balance SharePoint and there was another server I could use to access the SharePoint admin console.

I tried stopping the SharePoint services and it got itself in such a state that it got stuck stopping.  So in the end I did a magic reboot (after taking it out of the load balancer) and this magically fixed.

I then also had another problem on another SharePoint server were it wasn’t showing all the sites and when calls were coming to the SharePoint site which was using sites it wasn’t displaying it in.

I couldn’t really find many errors so I took it out of the load balancer and then tried to restart the SharePoint timer service and it got stuck stopping.  In the end I had to stop the service more forcefully and then when it started I could see the missing sites.

I thought it was an odd occurrence for SharePoint to not show some sites but to also not really throw any errors.

but a good old Services restart saved the day, which is one step away from a server reboot.