CRM 2013 – A list of Useful White Papers

One of the best blogs on CRM is the blog – Dynamics CRM in the Field and it’s written by Microsoft’s premier field Engineers, most people may not have heard of these but if you ever have a problem with CRM that you can’t resolve and raise a call with Microsoft, they will send one of these people out. This is how they describe themselves.

“If you happen to be wondering what PFE is, the Premier Field Engineering (PFE) team at Microsoft is a worldwide organization that provides proactive and reactive services to our customers. We provide technical leadership for Microsoft customers around the world, promoting health in their IT and business environments through onsite, remote and dedicated support services. The mission of the Premier Field Engineer Team is to “improve the IT and business health of our customers. Help them grow revenue, reduce cost, gain inefficiencies & improve profit, improve their customer and vendor relationships, and improve their employees’ lives.”


I have dealt with one PFE and he was very helpful and a nice chap.

The in the field blog is very useful and I would recommend you subscribe because it often has useful dates, examples and other useful information from CRM people who work for Microsoft and have insider information.

They recently published a blog with all the white papers for CRM 2013, click the link to see all of them

I have made a list of the white papers I think are most useful from the list, I have removed implementation guide, SDK, counters and other links which are useful but most people either know about or have already downloaded.

Titles Date Published
Access Teams with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 12/4/2013
Scalable Security Modeling with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 11/7/2013
Delivering an Extensible CRM Solution Using Agile Development 10/24/2013
Using multi-tenancy in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to address challenges in enterprise business environments 9/25/2013
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online security and service continuity guide 9/2013 (Refreshed)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online security and compliance planning guide 9/2013 (Refreshed)