Microsoft Dynamics CRM making headway agaisnt it’s competitors

I was reading this blog post What Microsoft did right and wrong in 2013 –, below is the part about Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Part of Microsoft’s larger Dynamics offering, Dynamics CRM is finally making headway against its competitors.

It’s been around for years, Dynamics CRM is showing promising growth, up to 40,000 business customers in July, up from 33,000 customers the year before, again cashing in on those customers willing to go to cloud services.

In this case Microsoft has clawed to being fourth among CRM competitors behind No.1, two SAP and three Oracle, Gartner says, pulling in an estimated $1.1 billion in revenues. And analysts say it is growing faster than SAP’s and Oracle’s CRM business.

With a new mobile strategy that has tablets at its center, the service is also poised for continued impressive growth in 2014, still lagging far behind, but moving in the right direction.

It’s interesting because my personal view is Microsoft has been investing heavily in Dynamics CRM and has been catching up on it’s competitors but I guess you have to take into account, Microsoft was starting behind it’s competitors and has been playing catch up.  Let us also not forget it takes a long time to win business and projects take months to complete.

I certainly think the product has been getting better and CRM 2011 from CRM 4 was a great improvement.  I haven’t used CRM 2013 enough to gauge it’s improvement and some of the changes (auto saving) I’m not sure are an improvement but in the same breath Microsoft has now stopped users have lots of new internet explorer pages popping everywhere.

Hopefully Microsoft will continue investing and developing its Dynamic CRM product at the same pace.

If you want a more in depth analysis about how Microsoft is doing then I recommend reading  CRM MVP Leon Tribe’s blog because he often has interesting articles on the subject.

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