CRM 2011 – unusual errors, check the async service isn’t stuck

I was getting an usual error over the last couple of weeks.

This has only occured when the setup has numerous ASYNC servers.  I will quickly explain this for users who haven’t had large CRM deployments.

When you install CRM you can split the installation over a number of servers and you can have many front end servers (servers run the CRM Web application) and application servers (Servers running the Async service).

for some reason and I can’t actually see any cause when of the async servers gets stuck and starts taking up lots of resource but doesn’t actually finish the job.  So what happens is the async server still seems to be available and CRM Web app keeps passing it jobs but these jobs don’t get finish because the async server is stuck.

This has happened to me twice now

The first time I was getting sql errors, some workflows were not finishing, random errors were occurring.

The second time I was trying to import some files and they were going to the submitted status and then not going any further, not starting or doing anything.

This errors were very confusing because there didn’t seem any pattern or more importantly errors to help find the source of the problem.

What finally made me think it was the async server on one of the servers was when I opened that server, it took ages to open because the crm async service was taking up so much of the processor.

so if you find you are getting unusual errors, check the async service and restart it.



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