CRM Online – Storage space, costs and Information

Today a salesman asked me how big our CRM database was?

A curious question I thought but then he was investigating how much space you get with CRM Online and how much it costs to buy more space.

I first thought I would see how big our internal CRM database, so if you want to do that there are a couple of ways

Open a SQL Server Management Studio and you can then right click on the database and go to properties

or you can run this in an SQL query



Our internal and hosted CRM database was only 8 gigs in size but how would this fit in with CRM Online pricing.

The CRM online pricing structure is certainly something to consider if you are thinking of moving your database from on premise to online because you get 5 Gigs free but then you have to pay a yearly bill for every gig over that.

finding information on the storage costs for CRM Online was surprisingly tricky, the CRM Online offical site was a maze of promotional adverts but very difficult to find the details of the storage costs (is this accidental?)

So you start with 5 gigs with Microsoft CRM Online, which is a decent amount, the interesting dynamic with online model is once you go over that 5 gigs then you will have to pay for the extra space on a yearly basis.  It’s important to understand the 5 gigs is for the account or organisation as a whole and not 5 gigs per user.

I’m not sure how much each extra gigabyte costs but I have seen prices ranging around £8 per year per gig.


If you have a lot of users tracking emails in CRM and emails with attachments I could see the database growing in size at quite a rate and it might be useful to change to sharepoint links rather than physical files (although sharepoint could be another cost of course).

This article suggests if you have a big database or think it would grow quickly you should think about using a hosted CRM environment with a 3rd party company who might offer a bit deal than Microsoft.  The article has many good points on CRM online and you can read it here


CRM does have some useful articles

10 tips on freeing up space

Running out of space in your CRM Online environment?

There is also a limit of 50 gigs and if you are approaching this you should contact Billing Support


4 thoughts on “CRM Online – Storage space, costs and Information

  1. Christian Ternek October 23, 2012 / 1:21 pm

    Hello Ben!

    We( have developed a tool which could help you to save storage costs in CRM. We an analyzed many CRM databases and in the most cases 40 – 50% of the storage was taken by attachments of Emails and Notes.
    The AttachmentExtractor ( gives you the possibility to extract all attachments to a SharePoint location. The SharePoint Online costs per Gb are much much lower than the costs per Gb for CRM Online.

    We are now at the end of the beta phase of the product and will launch it in the next days. If you are interested to look/test the product, Please let me know.

    br, Christian Ternek


  2. Alisatir Dickinson October 24, 2012 / 12:57 pm

    Hi Ben, for those of us offering partner hosted managed service I can speak for MyCRM and we offer 2GB per user which is cumalative for all users so a 10 user system would have 20gb of space to work with



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