Using Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 and CRM 2011

I have been installing some software on Windows Server 2012 and setting up the CRM Outlook Addin on Windows 8.

Using the new version of windows is tricky to begin with because you can’t find anything, navigating around feels like waundering around in a maze.

You come to a crossroads and then head off in one direction hoping it’s the right one.

Some of this is just because it’s different and I’m not used to it and some of it’s weird because it’s made for touch screen devices.  The best way I can describe this is it all feels a bit odd and unintuitive.

Still I don’t want to be a Windows 8 basher, soon enough we will all be used to it and it’s quirks (hopefully with company tablets to ease the pain).

Although I cannot imagine how scores of Office workers will cope, I saw people struggling for months when Microsoft brought in the Ribbon menu.

My installation of CRM 2011 on Windows 2012 was problametic and some of the reason for this is because it isn’t supported.  I stupidly assumed that given the amount of time Microsoft has had they would have sorted this but I ran into a couple of problems and thinking about this it may take them some time to fix these issue

The first problem was the Indexing Services.  One of the prerequisites for installing CRM is turning on File Services, Windows Server 2003 File Services and the all important Indexing Service.

In Windows 2012 the indexing service has gone and CRM isn’t very happy about this at all, in fact you won’t be able to get very far into an install at all.  Daniel Cai has a work around for this on his blog which involves putting the windows indexing service command line tool and dll’s in the System32 folder.

The second problem I had was CRM 2011 was not compatible with IIS 8, I also had problems during the install with messages about.NET 4 etc.

This puts new customers of CRM in a quandry, do they not buy Windows Server 2012 because they won’t be able to install CRM 2011 on it??

I also wonder how long it will take Microsoft to fix this?

Windows 8 had a few problems when using CRM 2011, you have to manually enable Windows Identity Foundation

Also there is a problem using internet explorer 10 but Microsoft have a kb article for that below

Support with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Internet Explorer 10 

The problems and rantings above are probably fairly standard stuff for a new  release of a windows operating system, in fact they seem quite minor.

Windows 8 will certainly make the future installations interesting and it’s refreshing in some ways to be involved with new software.

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