CRM 2011 – How to add images into a knowledge base article

I was creating a knowledge base article on how to create a knowledge base article, which itself reminds me of Star Trek and Worf telling Pickard about the mobius –

“There is the theory of the moebius, a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop… …from which there is no escape”

which was also used in an excellent orbital song

Anyway back to how to add images into knowledge base article.  I found this extra puzzling because I had done this on one of the articles I had created before.

The good news is when I had worked it out it made sense, which always pleases me, the downside is Microsoft could make the process a whole lot easier because it isn’t obvious.

I was creating the document in word to begin with and my document had several screen shots in it but when I copied the word document contents into my knowledge base form the pictures did not copy, which was very annoying.

I looked at the article which I had successfully inserted pictures and I realised I had copied the contents from a blog page.

So the important point here is you can’t link to pictures on your own computer but you can display pictures which can be accessed from any machine e.g. pictures stored in CRM as web resources, pictures hosted within the CRM web application (probably with the other pictures) or pictures stored on the internet like a blog or elsewhere on the internet.

This interesting is also the case if you want to insert pictures into emails.

This makes logical sense because if you could insert pictures hosted on your machine how would anyone else see them, what isn’t very good is this isn’t very obvious.

What would be really good would be if you could upload/insert pictures from your local drive and they were then stored in CRM.

If you some detailed instructions on setting this up, this article is pretty good

2 thoughts on “CRM 2011 – How to add images into a knowledge base article

  1. moviejedi July 18, 2013 / 3:00 pm

    Thanks, this was driving me crazy.



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