CRM 2011 – Custom reports not working

I had an unusual error today where the default reports worked but any custom reports just whirred a bit and then produced a blank page.

looking at the event viewer logs on the CRM server I found I was getting MSCRMREporting error saying

Report render failure. Error: An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

luckily typing this into the internet produced a few hits and this seems to be a problem quite a few people have experienced.

The solution to the problem was to do with SPN (service principal name) not being set.  I believe the reason for this was because I changed the service account which runs the services for CRM and by changing this it somehow had an effect on the reports and current SPN’s were not validating the reports with this new user.

To fix the problem I had to log onto the Domain controller and run this command line setspn instruction

setspn -a http/CRMSERVERNAME DomainName\crm service account

an example would be, if my crm server was called crm, my domain hosk and the user was called crmservice.

setspn -a http/crm hosk\crmservice

It also took me a while to get this to work and it was only when I typed everything in lower case that the setspn instruction finally worked.

I found the solution above from the two links below, they are worth reading because they explain the solution more thoroughly and the first one has other things to try if the setspn instruction does not resolve the problem


Although the link below is a bit more information than you need I did find this quite interesting in explaining about CRM and SPN’s



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