Is coding popular with the young?

I was asked (repeatedly) if I wanted to feature the graphic featuring below on my blog and I would commend the person for their persistence and polite manners, not forgetting promoting coding and learning coding is certainly a good thing to encourage.

I thought I would help promote the online college with their recruitment drive.  They are currently promoting an online coding course and coding would be an ideal thing to learn online (although if you wanted to all the content is free)

You can read more about it here

It raises the question of how many graduates are going into computer related jobs, even that sentence doesn’t sound right.  Before when you went into computers you were signing up to be a programmer, database person.  I remember my early CV’s stating I had Excel, Word skills.

Today all office jobs use a computer and the software is a lot easier to use.

In terms of are people moving into IT jobs, I had the feeling that the numbers were dropping and probably some of that is IT teachers in my experience have been rubbish and the stuff they were teaching was at least 5 years out of date.

I found this article from 2009

and these in 2011 from the bbc saying coding is gathering enthusiasm.

Of course both seem not to be the most scientific and not really that useful.

I think coding would be a useful tool to learn with regards to getting a job in this tricky climate

Thanks to for creating this graphicProgramming Infographic

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