CRM 2011 – Reassigning records in CRM 2011

someone at work recently left and someone replaced them and I hadn’t thought anything about it until I started thinking about all the records assigned to this user?


Interestingly you cannot delete users in CRM 2011 you can only de-active them.


so I know had to find out how to reassign the records from one user to another.

To do this you need to go to the user record in


open the user record and you will notice there is a Reassign button





One you press reassign button you can then choose who you want to reassign the records to.


Before you start assigning records you should take a bit of time to consider the effect this might have.  This button will reassign all records, historical, closed, everything.

Assigning records might change some reports if the user was a sales person etc.

This blog post goes into the potential problems in more detail and I would advise reading it, just so you are informed of the potential banana skins