CRM 2011 – Understanding document locations

I have been working with CRM 2011 and Sharepoint online.  Out of the box CRM 2011 has some great integration with Sharepoint and it can create and view folders semi automatically.

The current project wanted this to be automatic.

The first thing I had to do was understand how this worked and it’s a little bit unusual.  Sharepoint integration works in a similar fashion to email in CRM basically CRM doesn’t not do any sharepoint integration in a similar way to CRM does not do any emailing.

Emailing in CRM is passed off to either the Outlook add on or a CRM router.

My understand of Sharepoint and CRM is similar.

CRM creates entities called Document Locations and these hold relative sharepoint url information.  When you click on Documents in the left hand navigation options it creates a series of relative document locations, working back from the Sharepoint site entity.

e.g. for a new account called Test

Sharepoint site = default

document location – account

document location – Test

The two document locations will have a parent site or location link in them.

The way to understand this is to basically think of a file a structure on your C drive and imagine the default collection is not a sharepoint site but C:\


so to automate this for a new account I would need to add two new document locations account and Test.

I was doing this for a custom entity called project and the user could add lots of projects




so when I was create a document location for project I had to check to see if a project had been created before, if it had then I knew the project document location was already created and I could then use that and reference it in the Parent Site or Location field.

Now I get onto the fact the point Sharepoint isn’t really related in CRM because even though I can create the document location records this does absolutely nothing in Sharepoint.  All it does it create a link to where it should be in Sharepoint but doesn’t create the actual folders.

There is also nothing in the CRM SDK to create Sharepoint folders from my understanding you now have to write code using the SharePoint dll’s or SharePoint webservice.

This is quite frustrating because CRM does create the sharepoint folder if you click on documents.


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