CRM 2011 – Email router – incoming profile server locations

While studying for the CRM 2011 installation exam, I was reading about installing the CRM Email router, it was interesting to read the information because the previous month I had been wrestling with installing and setup the email router.

Installing the email router is easy, configuring users is easy, working out how to setup a profile in Exchange was very tricky (because I have never had to do anything with exchange).

When you setup the Email router you need to set a incoming and outgoing profile, this profile needs to have permissions to send emails on behalf of the queues and users in CRM which want to use the CRM Router rather than outlook too send and receive emails.

In the chapter on setting up the Email router, it had some useful information.  Another thing I had a few problems was the different version of exchange, you need to put in different urls for different versions of exchange.

Incoming Profile Server Locations
Depending on the e-mail server type, the server location is specified either as a URL or a computer name.
The following table shows the format required for the server location for each email

E-mail Server Type Protocols Server Location
Exchange Server 2003 WebDAV http://MAIL1
Exchange Server 2007 WebDAV http://MAIL1 (http://mail1/)
Exchange Server 2007 Exchange Web Services http://MAIL1/EWS/Exchange.asmx
Exchange Server 2010 Exchange Web Services http://MAIL1/EWS/Exchange.asmx  (http://mail1/EWS/Exchange.asmx)
Exchange Online Exchange WebServices http://MAIL1/EWS/Exchange.asmx (http://mail1/EWS/Exchange.asmx)
POP3 POP3 MAIL1 For the WebDAV protocol, do not include a path such as /owa or /Exchange after the server name. If SSL is used, replace http with https.

CRM 2011 – How to update hidden fields with a workflow

Workflows in CRM 2011 can only update fields which are visible on the form, if you create an entity update you are only allowed to pick the visible fields.

So what do you do if you want to update a hidden field?

  1. Go to the form, make the field/section visible.
  2. Save and publish the form
  3. create the update statement on the workflow, selecting the previously hidden fields
  4. Save the workflow and then publish
  5. hide the fields on the form, save and publish.



CRM 2011 – how to change form when the navigation pane is missing

I had an unusual question today.

There was an account form which had four different forms, one of the forms had unticked

Show navigation items

I didn’t even know this option existed.

What was happening was the form had the Show navigation items unticked, so when you went to the form it had no navigation items.  The problem this brought up was it was then impossible to change back to any previous forms because the form picker was on the navigation pane!!

You can setup the different forms to display to different security roles but if you would like users to choose which form they want to use or if a number of forms available you have a form picker available.

CRM helpfully remembers what form you used last and then uses that form the next time you view that entity, so we were in the situation of not being able to change forms once you had viewed the form with no navigation pane.

The way I got round it was to enable the navigation pane and personally I don’t think you would really want to disable it.

You could do something with Javascript but it wasn’t worth the time.

CRM 2011 – Object doesn’t support property or method ‘$2X’

One of the users was getting this error

“Object doesn’t support property or method ‘$2X’

when they were opening an account or possibly other entity from outlook.

It was quite an unusual error because only one user was getting the error and it wasn’t happening when they used the web browser.

After looking around I finally found the solution on this forum and the answer highlighted below

1. Close Outlook and IE

2. Open IE and delete temporary files (Make sure to uncheck “preserve favorites website data”)

3. Now if you open outlook, you might see that On the Grid’s Ribbon is loading… WAIT for it to load

4. Problem should be solved now.


I think the problem was internet explorer was caching some files which may have had incorrect javascript in.

This resolved the problem for me so I thought I would share it

CRM 2011 – Dynamics CRM – Partner Workshops

There are some interesting free training courses/workshops being offered by Microsoft for CRM users at the moment.

The snag is you have to be a Microsoft partner but for those of you who work for partners you can do these free training courses.  The one I have done allowed me to download the video so I could watch it offline.

I have also included the workshops coming up

Dynamics CRM – Partner Workshops

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workshop: Implementing Claims-Based Authentication and IFD

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workshop: Custom Reporting

Dynamics CRM – Launch Readiness

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 Service Update New Features

Technical Level: 200

Offerings Currently in Production
Dynamics CRM – Partner WorkshopsMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Workshop: Creating Charts and Dashboards

  • Availability Date: July, 2012
  • Technical Level: 300

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workshop: Competing with

  • Availability Date: July, 2012
  • Technical Level: 100/200

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workshop: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online & Office 365 Better Together

  • Availability Date: Calendar Q2
  • Technical Level: 200

Dynamics CRM – Launch Readiness

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Learning Snacks

  • Availability Date: TBD – Based on Product Launch Schedule
  • Technical Level: 200