CRM 2011 – when to use entities over optionsets

I might have mentioned this before but I thought I would reiterate it.

I have done a few projects where the customer wants an optionset of software products e.g. CRM 2011.  if you then want to store the rollup version, suddenly the optionset needs to be updated regularly.

Also if you want to include all the dynamic products then the optionset is starting to get very big and need someone with Administrator rights to keep amending the optionset.

In this situation I have found it’s better to create a simple new entity with Name and description and make sure the ownership is Organisation (so no one can own it, assign it, share it etc) then you can just create a new Dyanmic product record when a new rollup/version is released.

This way anyone with the correct privilege can add in new products and you can search for them in a lookup.

just a little thought for you