CRM 2011 – Passed CRM 2011 Customization and configuration certification

I’m glad to say I passed the exam and I can stop revising.

The exam is easier than the CRM 2011 applications exam, so if you are going to pass one exam I would go for this one.

As I expected and as indicated by the exam criteria there are quite a few questions on the new functionality (solutions, Auditing, charts, teams etc).

The relationship and mapping questions involve carefully reading the question, getting rid of the obvious wrong answers and then working out the answer.

In fact that is good advice for all CRM exams, read the question carefully, get rid of the obvious wrong answers then look carefully at the answers left.

Onto the CRM installation exam, this one should be quite a good one because I have done quite a few installations recently and any extra information, tips and tricks I can learn about installing CRM 2011 is going to be helpful.