CRM 2011 – Trying to work out what active directory groups are for different organisations

In you development environment or maybe in live you might have numerous CRM organisations installed.

Each CRM organisation will have a separate batch of four active directory groups which CRM uses.

  1. UserGroup
  2. ReportingGroup
  3. PrivUserGroup
  4. SQLAccessGroup

If you create more than one organisation you will find yourself with 4 more active directory groups with no real way to tell what groups go with which organisation.

The only identifer between the groups is a guid in the name of each active directory group.

You can click on the AD group to see what users are members of the group but if it’s a development environment they are likely to be similar anyway.

This is a picture of my the active directory showing my dev AD groups.   Yep loads of them

This can also be a problem on live installations because failed installations will also create CRM AD groups and not remove them.

So how do you link the guid in the AD groups to a CRM organisation.  If you run the SQL query below on the MSCRM_CONFIG database on the Organization table you can get the name and guid for each organisation.

select databasename, friendlyName, id
from [MSCRM_CONFIG].[dbo].[Organization]

databasename               friendlyName id
Test_MSCRM               Test4E7A1C5A-197E-DF11-B9F6-00155D6A7C15
Demo_MSCRM             Demo     4CB007A4-9B51-E111-897F-00155D6A7C22

oddly the first organisation added seemed to be ok but then the other guids didn’t match up at all and I am left still searching for definitive method to link these.


I have also seen the guid in the trace files but I can’t quite remember where I found it.