Dynamic Connector – mapping OptionStrings in NAV to Optionsets in CRM

Firstly the article post below by the connector team was extremely useful, even if it took me a while to understand where they were putting the values because they didn’t have any screen shots.  I hope the connector team write some more blog posts because the Dynamic Connector users need all the help and documentation we can get.  The article below is exactly the kind of information which should be in a manual or wiki or at least written about a year ago and is the type of information which should be shared to help people get up and running with the connector.  whilst I am asking for the things, top of the list should be for the Dynamic Connector to have it’s own forum or if it has tell me about it.


Below shows my adventure mapping an OptionString in NAV to an OptionSet in CRM, which is harder than it sounds.

Field in NAV

Correspondence Type


Hard Copy





I created a new field in CRM called

NAV Correspondence Type





So as we can see they basically have the same values

For the Contact to NAV Contact Card below is the code I had to put in.  basically a blank is shown in NAV as “_blank_”, so if the optionSet was blank in CRM (e.g. “”) I would put “_blank_”.  For some reason the values came through from NAV with an underscore e.g. Hard_Copy.

=If(EqualTo(NAV Correspondence Type\Name, “”), “_blank_”, NAV Correspondence Type\Name)


Going the other way – NAV Contact Card to Contact

The NAV Correspondence Type is hidden down the bottom.  It has a name and a value but we only want to use Name because we don’t have any way to match the values.

For this code I check to see if it’s “_blank_” and if it is just pass nothing “” otherwise we copy the name value across

 =If(EqualTo(Correspondence Type, “_blank_”), “”, Correspondence Type)

I also wanted to map a two options field in CRM to a checkbox in NAV.

In CRM the values are true and false and in NAV the values are Yes and No, they are close but not close enough to automatically map.  I have a feeling there could be an easier way to do this but I couldn’t find any dynamic examples, only hard coding examples.

NAV field

Exclude from Segment


CRM Exclude from Segment


The contact to NAV contact is shown on a picture above but here is the code

=If(EqualTo(CRM Exclude From Segment, “true”), “Yes”, “No”)


NAV Contact to Contact

=If(EqualTo(Exclude from Segment, “Yes”), true, false)


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