CRM 2011 – Update Rollup 8 released and speed improvement in rollup 7

So Rollup 8 is released, it seems like rollup 7 was only released last week.

looking at the dates rollup 7 was released on the 22/03/2012 and now rollup 8 is released 03/05/2012 (UK dates).

Firstly if you want to know the highlights of the new rollup, check out Donna Edwards blog

she mentions a few interesting things

UR 8 is not Service Update 8.  Service Update 8, often referred to as Q2 2012 Service Update, is due out later in May.  Service Updates are delivered twice per year and contain new features.  Update Rollups are delivered more frequently throughout the year and contain issue resolution or fixes for known issues in the software.

it seems quite odd for Microsoft to have two rollups released so near each other.  I was wondering why this was so.

I can’t really see anything in update rollup 8 which would push forward a new rollup (Look on Donna Edwards blog or read all the fixes/enhancements here 

Maybe Microsoft pushed for the Update rollup 7 forward to fix the browsing hanging issues and improve performance.  To learn more about that read the blog post below from the CRM in the Field chaps.

Issues with Browser Hanging When Using CRM 2011

which talks about how the IE async operations running were causing problems.  There is also a reg fix

Fortunately we are able to increase the download limit in Internet Explorer to avoid issues caused by lack of download connections.  The Internet Explorer KB article KB282402 ( provides information on how to increase the download connection by adding a couple registry keys. It also has a “FIX IT” button that will automatically add the registry key and increase download limit to 10.


3 thoughts on “CRM 2011 – Update Rollup 8 released and speed improvement in rollup 7

  1. Adam Vero May 9, 2012 / 3:49 pm

    Rollup 8 is not early or puched forward. Rollup 7 was about 2 weeks late (or was it 3?), but when they pushed the date back the second time MS said that 8 would still be delivered according to the original schedule. UR9 (aka R8) will be hot on its heels in about 3 weeks, but that means some customers can apply UR8 as a bug-fix release and test more easily than adding new functionality and testing for the impact of those things as well.


    • Hosk May 9, 2012 / 8:54 pm

      Excellent comments as usual Adam.

      I suppose the rollup 6 problems delayed future releases for Microsoft


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