CRM 2011 – Install error – StartWebsiteAction failed

I was installing CRM today and I got the error below

I had got over a couple of tricky hurdles.  Firstly the server I was installing on already had SQL Server on so I had to manually set up Reporting Services, which anything to do with reporting services I always find difficult.

I had then got passed another hurdle of the CRM service account not being activated

So finally I had all my ducks in a row and passed the first CRM installation hurdle and was rewarded with a screen of green ticks, Hazaar.

Then whilst CRM was chugging away installing, it then popped up the error above, this was the first time I had this particular error.  I was a bit puzzled initially what the error was telling me.

Then I engaged my brain and released it was saying it can’t the web server.

I initially had some problems (which isn’t unusual) setting up reporting services because it said port 80 was being used by Team  Viewer.

So basically it seemed that team viewer was hogging port 80 and I had left the CRM website using port 80 and now when the install tried to start the CRM Web site it couldn’t start it.

To resolve this problem without having to uninstall and reinstall CRM you can charge the binding ont he Microsoft Dynamics CRM website within IIS.

If you open IIS, click onto the Microsoft Dynamics CRM website, you can then selecting Bindings on the right and then change this to another port

if you want some more detailed instructions about this error you can view this page, although it is in french