Is CRM 2011 getting more popular with Dynamics NAV users?

The company I work is called Metaphorix for specialise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and also sell Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have experience in intergrating the two systems.

Customers are often surprised when I explain the two systems are actually two separate systems, especially when they both have the words Microsoft and Dynamics in the name of both products.

I have noticed that over the last 6 months there has been an increase in NAV customers wanting to use Dynamics CRM 2011.  There is some CRM functionality that exists with Dynamics CRM so it’s important for customers to have all the information when deciding if they want to use the Dynamics NAV CRM functionality or go for Dynamics CRM 2011.

If you are wondering what the differences are between Dynamics NAV CRM functionality and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 functionality then I recommend you read the flyer created to help explain the functionality and differences.

I think the increased interest from NAV users indicates companies are realising the importance of CRM but also want to use CRM from within Outlook,  CRM 2011’s Outlook add in often allows users to work the same way as they did but also benefit from the advantages CRM 2011 gives them.

The users who are often responsible for CRM and marketing often are not NAV users which I think might explain their preference for using Dynamics CRM 2011.

I would also say CRM 2011 is easier to use and gives users the ability to easily modify the forms and fields used and has better marketing functionality than NAV CRM.

CRM 2011 is not always the best choice, it depends on what you want to use CRM for, how many users will be using CRM and some other factors.

If you are interested in interegrating Dynamics NAV with CRM 2011 then contact Metaphorix

Metaphorix also have an interesting blog which you can go to by clicking the link below



CRM 2011 – Assembly must be registered in isolation

I got an error whilst trying to register a plugin, saying the assembly must be registered in isolation.

I found out something which I had forgotten, basically only Deployment Administrators can register plugins which do not run in isolation mode (e.g. in the sandbox).

The user I was using although was a System Administrator in CRM wasn’t in the deployment managers group so could only register plugins in the sandbox.

luckily for me the CRM in the field blog had a detailed article on the subject which you can read by clicking the link below

This bit below I found very interesting

In the Security Restrictions section of the following MSDN article it states, “There is a security restriction that enables only privileged users to register plug-ins. For plug-ins that are not registered in isolation, the system user account under which the plug-in is being registered must exist in the Deployment Administrators group of Deployment Manager.“

Register and Deploy Plug-ins