CRM 2011 – Dynamic Connector Filtering is a great new feature

Version 2 of the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics (I’m still not convinced about this name, it seems to long to me).

has a great new piece of functionality. Filtering makes upgrading worthwhile alone.

There are some other good things in V2 like the fact it installs the CRM solution for you, which means all you have
to do now is run the installer.


What is filtering.

When you create a map in the Dynamic Connector (much better name) there is a new section called Filter. In this area
you can specify lots of filters using AND functionality. This means you can now only sync records which pass your
filter criteria.

An example I recently implemented was a user wanted to only sync orders of a certain type. So I added a new dropdown
and the users would set the dropdown to a certain value – Orders in this case.

I then set a filter to only sync orders with the field value set to Orders.
This is powerful functionality and it’s easy to setup and use in the connector.

There are also a number of bug fixes in the connector so I would recommend upgrading.

The connector team have done a good job making the upgrade very easy, all you have to do is run the Connector.MSI
and it will upgrade legacy maps and running connectors.

when you open the connector which has been upgraded you will see there are two sections, CRM and CRM 2011.

The maps should work without you having to make any changes