CRM 2011 – Storing CRM version and rollup information for installations

I was doing a bit of house keeping on the internal CRM system.

I use it to create support information about the CRM installations, details like server names, CRM urls, key users, Database server location, user names etc.

I was updating the CRM version the user had installed.  I looked up the build number and worked out it’s CRM 2011 Rollup 6.  I was wondering how I should store this information.

I had initially created a option set lookup with the rollups on but I wasn’t really happy with this, it was a bit clunky.

so I decided to create a CRM Rollup entity, where I could store the details of the rollup, build number, release date, download link and KB article link.  Basically the information I have put on the CRM wiki build number page

The reason I did this was because I can create a new rollup record for each new rollup and look this up on my support entity.  The reason I found this useful is because I can use it for looking versions based on the version number, which you can do either with Web CRM or outlook.  Instructions for looking up the rollup number without going to the server I have blogged about before

The other benefit of doing it this way is I and other users can add in more rollups without needing to change and optionset or have System Administrator privileges because all you need to do is create a new CRM Rollup record.



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