CRM 2011 – Displaying images for a contact

A quick blog post to point you in the direction of a couple of exellent tools to display images in for a contact (or other entities).

The timing of this was a day too late (for me) because I had written a basic way to display images yesterday and then today I find the solution today and it works better than mine because you can have multiple images and it resizes the images in a neat way, working out the aspect ratio from the available space.

Both solutions use the method of uploading picture files as a note for the contact and then display these.

For the html, jquery method then go to this blog and you can download the solution file

You will need to add the image img_browser.html as a webresource onto your page.  This is very useful because I think (I haven’t tried it) use this to display images on other entities.

The MSCRM blogger team have also created a silverlight version, well actually they created that first, you can get that here

A great contribution to the CRM community and will save everyone writing the same solution over and over.