CRM 2011 – 5000 record limit on data retrieval via SDK

I learnt something today about data retrieval queries using the SDK.

There is a 5000 item limit on queries using the SDK.  This seems quite an unusual setting to add because you would think developers using the SDK would roughly know what they are doing so what would be the purpose of limiting items returned via queries to the SDK.

I also thought it was unexpected so it could cause quite a bit of frustration trying to work out why some records where being changed by your code.

This setting is in CRM 4 and CRM 2011 but good news is at hand because someone has worked out how to up the limit to anything you want.  1 million records, MWAHAHAHAHAA.  (actually I don’t recommend that it could slow everything down)


if you want to turn the limit off or just see how it’s done then click the link below