CRM 2011 and CRM 4 build and version numbers are now on CRM wiki

I did post the CRM build and version numbers on my blog but rather than keep them up to date on my blog I thought I would add them to the CRM wiki.

It also gave me a bit of practise adding a page to see how it works.

The great thing about having the build numbers on the CRM wiki is now when there is a new release anyone in the CRM community can update the build numbers

So to find the build and release numbers go here

CRM 2011 build and version number

CRM 4 Build and version numbers

You will notice on the CRM 4 page I haven’t added in the KB articles yet, if any one else would like to fill some of these in please do.

Although the CRM wiki was started by the CRM MVP’s there is no reason why the rest of the CRM community can’t now get involved and build up a good knowledge base of CRM.

if you haven’t used the CRM Wiki much then I encourage you to check it there are some excellent pages on there

The CRM development resources page is excellent, click here to have a look

The CRM 2011 resources page is also extremely useful

amusingly I have just found this contains the CRM 2011 version numbers, not that I could find it when I searched the wiki though!!

Anyway get involved and contribute

2 thoughts on “CRM 2011 and CRM 4 build and version numbers are now on CRM wiki

  1. Jukka Niiranen (@jukkan) March 11, 2012 / 10:07 am

    Having the build numbers and KB links on a wiki page is an excellent choice, thanks for your effort in putting them up there! Even though there are similar blog entries around, these will always suffer from the limitation that only the original author can update them. I wish that also more of the posts written by Microsoft employees (for example, the CRM in the Field blog) that contain link summaries would be published in a wiki format, so that the whole #MSDYNCRM community could more easily contribute to keeping them up to date.

    One problem with the existing CRM wiki is that it’s just a collection of pages under the Technet wiki, not an actual CRM wiki site. Therefore it doesn’t make finding CRM specific information from the wiki very easy, nor does it probably rank very high in Google search results either. Perhaps this could improve over time if everyone would link to the wiki more often, but the manual maintenance of navigation and links between CRM wiki pages is going to require continuous effort.


    • Hosk March 11, 2012 / 11:14 am

      I agree with your point about how the information is organised in the CRM Wiki, it seems slow to find information because it’s organised in a personal non standard way.

      It’s a pity the pages from the CRM resource centre are not on a wiki – – because I think they are the best source of information on CRM, they have excellent diagrams and articles.

      To make the CRM wiki successful it would need lots of small contributions from lots of different people.


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