CRM 2011 – Video showcasing the Q2 Service Update features

I found a link tweeted by the busy David Pennington who is the Director of CRM Product Marketing, if you want to follow David his tweeter account is –!/pennington03

He tweeted a link to the video below, it’s a 40 minute video going through all the new features coming up in the new Q2 Service Update or the CRM big update as I like to refer to it.

The video is a bit long but I left it running on my other screen and woke up for the demo’s or interesting bits.

The first thing I would say is the mobile client looks pretty good and I really like the way you can quickly call or email contacts.  Below is a screenshot of the new mobile app

The demo also goes through the new multi browser functionality.

The activity feeds have been improved and the new filter functionality seems very useful.

The video goes through harnessing SQL Server 2012 which is available at the moment and it mentions the online data centres already use SQL 2012.

Importantly it does view powerview, which is the new BI tool.  This is something I am very interested in and it explains powerview (which is a sharepoint added) does allow you to create Excel cubes of information.

There is a demo of Powerview which starts at minute 24 minutes.


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