CRM 2011 – Queues could be more useful than you think

Until recently I knew Queues are available in CRM 2011 but I wasn’t really sure what the difference was between a team and a queue and in many instances Teams seemed to be a better choice.

Queues took a while for me to understand, when you assign something to a queue it creates a Queue item and wraps the original item to it.

What confused me was if you were using queues for a cases, you could put items in a queue but they would stay assigned to the original user.   As most of the views of cases in CRM are My Case and My other things I couldn’t understand how queues can help, if anything it seemed more work.

The real value of Queues is you can put any entity (which has Queue enabled) into a queue.  So you could have cases, accounts, Tasks, custom entities.

You can also set some of the queue items to show the items you are working on.

I have recently been using queues to hold the items I am working on, a list of non related items.

You can also use queues to hold all Support items and create workflows to route items to different Queues based on certain criteria (e.g. top priority queues into one queue etc).

Queues also are not new in CRM 2011 they have been around for a while but I have never really used them

If you want to learn more about Queues I’m not going to explain about them in detail because there are already lots of great articles already written (and I’m lazy).

Introduction to Queues in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Using Queues in CRM 2011

A quick video showing how to use Queues



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