CRM 4 Mainstream support date ends in 2013

Donna Edwards who is a CRM MVP and pops up all over the CRM world commenting on forums, facebook, twitter and blogs always with useful bits of information tweeted a very interesting link a while ago about support dates for CRM versions.

but before I go into that I recommend you follow Donna via her twitter account –!/edwardsdna

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When it comes to supporting versions of CRM, I thought it was Microsoft’s policy to support the last two versions but Donna Edwards tweeted this Microsoft page which shows a date, which is useful information to give to your clients who are on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.

There is a Lifecycle Support Policy FAQ which is interesting and below I have copied the support dates from this original page.  For my UK readers, these dates are in American format so it’s the 09/04/2013.  Also with all the great enhancements coming to CRM 2011 soon, I think a lot of people will be upgrading

Products Released General Availability Date Mainstream Support End Date Extended Support End Date Service Pack Support End Date Notes
CRM 1.0 1/1/2003 7/11/2006 Not Applicable
CRM 1.2 10/31/2003 1/9/2007 Not Applicable
Dynamics CRM 2011 5/18/2011 7/12/2016 7/13/2021
Dynamics CRM 3.0 12/1/2005 4/12/2011 4/12/2016
Dynamics CRM 4.0 2/29/2008 4/9/2013 4/10/2018

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