CRM 2011 – 66×48 Icons not used in CRM 2011

Whilst reading Jamie Miley’s blog post this week which was primarily linking to the 100 CRM videos from slowxrm which you can find here but he also added a paragraph about 66×48 icons which I didn’t understand at first but then thought, WHAT, imagine all the time that has been wasted with with people creating this extra images

So how have we got here, well Jim Daly at MSFT pointed out to Jamie Miley that the 66×48 icons you upload to entities are not actually used for anything.

Anyone who has added a new entity and wanted to make an icon for it would have had to do some extra work to get it into the odd shape of 66×48 and it now turns out that it was all for nothing.

Initially I thought this can’t be true but Jamie had a link on his site

Which says about the icon
This size icon is not used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The application incorrectly labels this as the Icon in Entity forms.
talking of icons, there is a great post with links to royalty free icons, you can get to it by clicking the link below
There is also CRM4 there is a tool called MSDYCRM40_Demonstration Tools which you can download and this allows you to choose an image and it creates the icon images of the correct size for you.

4 thoughts on “CRM 2011 – 66×48 Icons not used in CRM 2011

  1. Adam Vero February 24, 2012 / 4:12 pm

    It took them ages to get the MSDN article right, I think Technet and the CRM help system are still wrong, as well as (most annoyingly of all) the user interface in CRM itself. Also note the other changes since CRM4: you don’t have to use .ico files at all if you don’t want to; the 16×16 is used in all navigation and lookup items in IE and Outlook; the 32×32 is used on all forms in IE and Outlook.

    I’ve had a half finished blog post about it sat in my drafts for ages, but I wanted to do a proper walk through of how to publish the web resources, then use them etc. I’ll get round to it soon enough.

    Microsoft Learning released a B version of the 80294 MOC course “Customisation and Configuration in Dynamics CRM 2011” with various things fixed after the initial release. This was one of them, that section had totally incorrect information in, just as if nothing changed from CRM4 (which was not picked up perhaps because the user interface and all on line resources at the time were also wrong).
    The whole course is way better now, and that section in particular I know is correct, since I wrote it 😉

    More info about new and updated courses here:


  2. Jeriesh February 25, 2012 / 10:58 am

    I am jeriesh. I am using crm 2011 and it is working fine for more than 6 months. today when i open the deployment manager it is giving the following error:”MMC cannot inatilize the snap in” . Then i installed fresh CRM in more test server there i am receiving the following error “MMC has detected an error in a snap in will unload it” pls guide me.


    • Adam Vero February 27, 2012 / 8:09 am

      @Jeriesh I don’t think leaving a comment on a random unrelated blog post is necessarily the best way to try and get help with your problem.
      Since you have already started a thread on the community forums about this, that is probably the place you will get the most support.


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