CRM 2011 – 66×48 Icons not used in CRM 2011

Whilst reading Jamie Miley’s blog post this week which was primarily linking to the 100 CRM videos from slowxrm which you can find here but he also added a paragraph about 66×48 icons which I didn’t understand at first but then thought, WHAT, imagine all the time that has been wasted with with people creating this extra images

So how have we got here, well Jim Daly at MSFT pointed out to Jamie Miley that the 66×48 icons you upload to entities are not actually used for anything.

Anyone who has added a new entity and wanted to make an icon for it would have had to do some extra work to get it into the odd shape of 66×48 and it now turns out that it was all for nothing.

Initially I thought this can’t be true but Jamie had a link on his site

Which says about the icon
This size icon is not used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The application incorrectly labels this as the Icon in Entity forms.
talking of icons, there is a great post with links to royalty free icons, you can get to it by clicking the link below
There is also CRM4 there is a tool called MSDYCRM40_Demonstration Tools which you can download and this allows you to choose an image and it creates the icon images of the correct size for you.

CRM 4 Mainstream support date ends in 2013

Donna Edwards who is a CRM MVP and pops up all over the CRM world commenting on forums, facebook, twitter and blogs always with useful bits of information tweeted a very interesting link a while ago about support dates for CRM versions.

but before I go into that I recommend you follow Donna via her twitter account –!/edwardsdna

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When it comes to supporting versions of CRM, I thought it was Microsoft’s policy to support the last two versions but Donna Edwards tweeted this Microsoft page which shows a date, which is useful information to give to your clients who are on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.

There is a Lifecycle Support Policy FAQ which is interesting and below I have copied the support dates from this original page.  For my UK readers, these dates are in American format so it’s the 09/04/2013.  Also with all the great enhancements coming to CRM 2011 soon, I think a lot of people will be upgrading

Products Released General Availability Date Mainstream Support End Date Extended Support End Date Service Pack Support End Date Notes
CRM 1.0 1/1/2003 7/11/2006 Not Applicable
CRM 1.2 10/31/2003 1/9/2007 Not Applicable
Dynamics CRM 2011 5/18/2011 7/12/2016 7/13/2021
Dynamics CRM 3.0 12/1/2005 4/12/2011 4/12/2016
Dynamics CRM 4.0 2/29/2008 4/9/2013 4/10/2018