CRM 2011 – Import stuck on submitted

A quick problem occured for me today.

I was trying to import some records, I had selected the file, selected the entity and run through it all before pressing the final OK button.


Then the import just stood there with a status of Submitted.


I knew the import process was run as a system job by the Asynchronous service.  I doubled clicked on the import and saw the job was waiting for resource.

logged onto the server and found the Async service had stopped.

After restarting the service it quickly imported the file.


The problem with the Async services is they can sometimes stop working but this is obvious to begin with because the CRM website is usually working.

It’s a pity CRM doesn’t have something inside CRM where you can check to see if this is working.

Does anyone have a system they use to email themselves or a solution to the Async jobs stopping working.

I see you can start a problem if it doesn’t restart on the second time of asking, so you could make a program to update something in CRM or perhaps send an email out to certain people.


CRM 2011 – a tool to help you run IE and CRM as another user

I saw this blog post with a nifty little tool to help you run Internet Explorer (and subsequently CRM) as another user.

Before I talk about that tool I would say the blog CrmXpress has some very good blog posts and some other tools you might find interesting

Releasing CrmXpress TraceHelper v1.0

Releasing CrmXpress SmartSoapLogger v1.0

Releasing CrmXpress TraceHelper v1.0

so great work Chinmay and now back to my original blog about running IE as a different user.

I often have to do this for testing functionality, like testing security roles for different users or testing different forms or workflows etc.

You can just hold shift and right click on internet explorer and choose run as different user.  If you want to do this read my previous blog which explains how to do this –


you can use this tool from CRMXpress, the cleverly named RunAs Gui Tool, the blog post is here

if you want to download the tool click here

the instructions are pretty simply but here you go

  1. Launch CrmXpress.Win.RunAsGui.exe
  2. Click on Add. It will auto fill current user name and domain/workgroup name.
  3. Enter password.
  4. Click on Save. Your default user profile is now created.
  5. Click on Add again. It will auto fill current user name and domain/workgroup name. Change the name with any other domain/workgroup user name of your choice.
  6. Enter password for the user name that you have entered.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Now you will have two profiles and you can access them via Profiles drop down list.
  9. Drag any application shortcut on to the CrmXpress.Win.RunAsGui’s User Interface.
  10. The application will be added to the applications list for a given profile and it will be launched with credentials of whichever user profile you have selected.