CRM 2011 – Tool – Visio add-in: Org Chart for business units

An interesting tool for CRM 2011 popped up on codeplex yesterday.

It an add in to let your show Org Charts for business units in CRM 2011.  The plugin uses Visio files.

I think it basically draws you an organisation chart for the business units you have in a CRM organisation.

To learn more about this you can go to the codeplex page –

You can also read the blog post by the creator on his blog which you can view here

Here is a screenshot

CRM/NAV Connector – The accounts needed to install the CRM/NAV Connector

When you are going to install the connector you will need quite a few accounts created and you will need to talk to the customer and get them to create these accounts and give you the details before you can install and run the connector.

Below is a list of the accounts you will need, the text below is taken from the CRM/NAV connector installation guide which you can find on the partner source website here