CRM/NAV Connector – Video – Connector for Microsoft Dynamics – Upgrading versions

A very thorough video showing you how to upgrade the connector.

Microsoft have done a really good job with this video and it made doing an upgrade a lot easier having watched someone do it.

it’s interesting that you only need to run the upgrade and not have to change anything for the upgrade to work.

Key take aways for this process include:

  • Valid settings only need to be supplied for the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 adapter if you are changing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment to one that was not previously supported. If you are only upgrading your installation you can simply click the “Apply” button when propted for new adapter settings after luanch the client again after an upgrade.
  • If you are changing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 deployment you will need to create a new integration using the latest template for your ERP
  • This new integration can start over and sync all of your data again, starting from 1/1/1900, or it can be be set to query into the source with the last run time from the old version of a given map