CRM 2011 – Excellent video resources CRM 2011

A customer asked me if I knew of any good training material for CRM 2011.

There are some good free getting started guides to CRM 2011, click here to get the guides.

The best guide to CRM 2011 is using the resource centre, it is an excellent mix of videos, tutorials and quick help guides.

It is structured in an easy to use way because the tabs on the top allow you to quickly navigate to the area you are interested in.

below are some links to videos for CRM 2011, I have put them in order of usefulness. There are lots of other videos on youtube of course so the best solution would probably be to search for what you want to do.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center

MicrosoftDynamicsCRM on YouTube

more than 100 videos on CRM

MicrosoftDynamicsCRM on YouTube

Demo CRM Online