CRM 2011 – Interesting CRM articles for the 27th January

There has been some excellent blogs and articles released today so I thought I would create a quick blog post with some links to them.



CRM 2011: How to launch a Dialog on click of custom ribbon button?

New tool : Documentation generator

How to colorize grid rows…


Activity Feeds Solution & Development Environment

Calculate the Time an Incident Took to Resolve in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Using .NET or Jscript


CRM MVPs on Marketing Automation Best Practices

CRM 2011 – SQL error while importing solution in crm 2011

I tried to import a solution today and go an error, an SQL error similar to the one below

The culprit in my situation was I had a field which the field was of type int

I then had deleted the variable and created a new one with the same name of type picklist

When you try and import the solution I received an SQL error

To resolve the error you have to delete the variable in the CRM organisation you are trying to import the solution to.  Then you will be able to import the solution.

The best way to find the variable is to use WinMerge and compare the customization.xml files in the previous solution file and the new solution customization.xml.  You can get the solution file by exporting it if you don’t have one to hand.

This makes sense because SQL will have a column with incompatible data and a column with the name you are trying to create a new column for.