Metaphorix unleashes a new website

Metaphorix who I am currently employed by have a brand new website today, so I thought I would put a link on my blog and here it is

Metaphorix specialise in NAV but are doing lots more work with CRM and a lot of projects with CRM and NAV schronising data user  CRM/NAV connector.  The connector is great once you get the project working but can involve a lot of head banging and a painfully slow trial and error method of learning how the connector works.  If you want some more information about Metaphorix then have a look at the website and the about page, there is also some information on linkedin

I have to say it’s a lot better looking than the last site and it’s about 10 times faster.

There is also a section now for news, where you can get to all the social media channels I am in charge (twitter, linkedin, Blog, Facebook)

They have got a feed from the blog or twitter yet but this I hear is in stage two of the new website project.

The blog is of course excellent, so I will put an individual link to the blog

The twitter feed has a mix of links to NAV and CRM articles and a few comments from myself

So there we go hopefully I can encourage a few people to click on the new website because there would be nothing worse than having a great new website and then no one looking at it.


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