NAV/CRM Connector struggle – Customer No was not found

The NAV/CRM connector is such a painful piece of software to use and configure, I usually shudder when I know I have some connector work to do.

What makes it worse the connector is sold as an easy way to integrate NAV and CRM.

I had a problem today which sums up why the connector is so annoying and difficult.

When trying to sync a customer card in NAV to an Account in CRM I was getting an error saying Customer Number didn’t exist.

Initially I thought this was the customer number on the customer card but I could see that existed and I could see it existed in the webservices.

I created  a brand new map between customer card and account with the minimum amount of information.  It was still complaining about the customer no not existing.

I eventually found this page

It was going on about a customer number not existing in the ship to address.  I thought this can’t possible be the reason why my simple integration which only had one map which did the customer card and the account.

ooh how wrong I was, it was the exact same problem but WHY WHY WHY.

I when I added the customer_no onto the ship to address (page 300) and then run the configure microsoft dynamics nav utility in the adapter settings (to refresh the mapping files) it then worked

this highlights the problems with the connector, things which are not relevant cause problems.