CRM 2011 – The list of new and re-awarded CRM MVP for 2012’s

A new year and some new CRM MVP’s and some other people who have been re-awarded the MVP title.

A big contratulations to Jamie Miley who has been very active over the last year, writing an excellent blog which you can read here, he has also helped many people on the CRM forums and has most importantly left some very useful comments on my blog.

Gonzalo Ruiz who’s blog I follow and has written some excellent posts, read the blog here

Mark Smith who’s blog you can read here

I found the list of CRM MVP’s and other Dynamic MVP’s on this Dynamicsworld blog post.

here is the list

Dynamics CRM                  

  • Andrii  Butenko (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Curtis J. Spanburgh         (Re-awarded MVP)
  • David  Yack          (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Feridun  Kadir    (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Giorgio  Garcia-Agreda  (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Gonzalo  Ruiz     (New MVP)
  • Jamie  Miley       (New MVP)
  • Jeff  Loucks         (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Jim  Steger          (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Larry  Lentz         (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Mark  Smith        New MVP
  • Mike  Snyder     (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Mitch  Milam      (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Roberto  Nocera               (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Roohi  Shaikh     (New MVP)
  • Umar  Khan        (Re-awarded MVP)
  • Wim  Coorevits (Re-awarded MVP)

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