A few interesting CRM 2011 blog posts to start 2012

I have only just got back into the CRM world.

2 days at work wrestling with the CRM/NAV connector and a tricky authorisation problem.  Initially CRM was working fine and then I fixed the NAV side of it, only to break the CRM side.

It has been a busy couple of days with two new CRM projects won and will start soon.

So I was perusing the CRM blogs I follow and I read this excellent blog post from Gonzalo Ruiz on the best practices for using solutions in CRM 2011.

Managed or unmanaged solutions in CRM 2011: Best Practices

Another good blog post is from Customer Effective blog on how to set up a button which sends emails off with one click, which sounds useful and something like a customer would ask for, so I will add a link here for me to find later

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Pre-Populated Emails (Alternative Approach)

Finally there is a blog post on exporting dynamic worksheets to excel, not something I have really used but interesting to read about, click here to read more about that.