NAV/CRM Dynamics Connector – Error – Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I got this error today

NAV/CRM Dynamics Connector – Object reference not set to an instance of an object

this was very frustrating because I hadn’t changed anything, literately tried to turn on the connector to make some changes.

I’m not sure what had happened but the connector had got itself into a right mess.  I tried to repair it and it couldn’t write any values to the MSDI database.

It was complaining about the user privileges but the user had admin rights on the machine and the database.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but this didn’t work at all because then the service was appearing in the list of services, the database was still dodgy.

In the end to resolve this problem I had to delete the MSDI database in SQL Server management studio.

What I surmise was the problem was the database had for some reason become corrupted and if you don’t delete the database I think it still leaves it there to use, so when I reinstalled the connector it was still using (or trying to) the corrupted database.

I did find a couple of other blog posts which put forward different answers but they seemed like more effort than deleting and starting again (make sure you back up those maps)

but I will paste them below if you need to try them

this one seems quite promising but it didn’t work for me


Microsoft Community Contributor Award – What Is it?

I have seen a impress Community Contributor Award being displayed on some of my favourite CRM bloggers blogs.   I have seen the award on Rhett Clinton’s excellent blog

MSCRM Bing’d

He wrote a blog post on the subject, although it was in Feb, I have only just read it!

Why am I writing about this, well it’s not because I’m about to get one or anything like that but I was curious to see what the award was for and the criteria/method Microsoft used to give these awards out.  The blogs where I have seen the award given, as well as the MVP status is certainly well earned, so I certainly don’t think there is any arguements to who they are giving out the awards to (I’m only basing this on the CRM blogs I have looked at)

if you want to know more about the community award then read the two links below


CRM 2011 – How to change the format for a user

In CRM 2011 there are global format settings which can be specifed by a user with Administrator logon and these are in

Settings –> Admin –> System Settings

These provide the template for new users added to the system.

So when I created an organisation, which got created with English (United States) format.  I then added four users before realising I need to change this to English (United Kingdom).

The problem I had was those four users were created all with the American format.  There doesn’t seem to be a way for an Admin user to change these user settings (using the GUI) which is quite annoying.  You also can’t delete and add users easily because you can only deactivate them (I could in theory remove the Active Directory settings and name the user test and then create new users).  There were no easy options to get round this problem, except do right next time.

So I had to create some instructions to get those users to change those settings and I thought I would share them with you here

Login to CRM

Go to File à Options


navigate to the tab – format and choose your format of choice