CRM 2011 – Free getting started guides for CRM 2011

I saw a good blog post from Business with CRM which is a getting started for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online Administrators. He has brought together some of the links from the CRM resource wiki.  This is a great web page to give to users who will be the Administrators of their CRM system.

The areas the blog covers are

Define business units and security roles

Add users 

Assign users to security roles

Import your data

Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook

Go here to visit the page and read the details


When looking at the page I remembered the other guides I have blogged about and thought I would list them here

There is also a printable CRM 2011 Administrator’s Guide which has been released.  This is quite a detailed document at 149 pages but the downside is it doesn’t contain any screen shots so can sometimes tricky to follow

Business Users getting started guide

You have this good page on the CRM resources site

Getting Started with CRM 2011 for Business users

user guide for CRM 2011

You can download the CRM 2011 user guide here , it’s quite detailed at over 600 pages long

 customer go live checklist

I think this document was created by Microsoft, it’s quite good and goes through lots of potential things which might go wrong and setting up internet explorer and other things



The bit is all the information above is free.

CRM 2011 – Getting started with customer service processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There was a very interesting blog post on the Microsoft blog this week called Resources for Customer Service it had a link to a couple of articles on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM resource centre, which I think has some of the best articles explaining how to use CRM for new users on the internet.

If Microsoft could arrange these into a user manual it would be fantastic and really help users get up and running with CRM 2011 quickly and easily.  The problem I have at the moment is there are lots of great articles but they are not easy to find unless you search for them.

This is an example of the case workflow on CRM resource centre, it explains it much better than talking or writing about it in my opinion


There are two great resources for CRM 2011 users using the Service section of CRM.

Articles about customer service processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Articles about customer service processes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


below are the contents for the On Premise version, I think it covers a lot of the basic knowledge the user will need to get started and have a good overview of the calls/cases in CRM.


Getting started

9 steps to get started with customer service

These are the nine key things you should know about the customer service features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including terminology, quick tips, and using reports.

Read this article…

7 steps to get started with managing services

These are the key things you should know about managing services in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including terminology, quick tips, and using reports.

Read this article…

Follow the life cycle of a case

Learn how to follow a case from initiating activity to resolution.

Read this article…

Organize and track your activities

Activities are used to track and record your interactions with customers. Follow an activity through a complete life cycle, from creating the activity though closing.

Read this article…

Track work items in queues

Track work items, such as activities or cases, using queues.

Read this article…

Using services

Learn how to manage human and physical resources when creating customer service calls.

Read this article…

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Maximize your productivity

Video: Getting started with cases

This video explains how cases can help you know your customer and provide better customer service. Length: 2:53 minutes

View this video…

Video: Simplify scheduling with services

In this video, you can learn how services can help you schedule service activities for your customers faster and more accurately. Length: 2:35 minutes

View this video…

Video: Improve customer service with contracts

This video introduces you to how contracts and contract lines can help you provide better customer service. Length: 2:18 minutes

View this video…

Video: Organize and centralize articles for your business

This video explains how to make critical knowledge available to everyone in your organization by capturing it in articles. Length: 2:06 minutes

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Personal customizations

Everyone can personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Know the personalizations that everyone can perform so that you can focus on customizations that affect the entire organization.

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