CRM 2011 – Error changing Sales Pipeline Funnel Chart

I tried to adjust the Sales pipeline chart today to use a different value to funnel because I was currently getting one big blue funnel.  I would say before I go that this might be fixed in CRM rollup 5 upwards because they did improve the functionality of the graphs.


I tried to change the field from Pipeline phase to Process Code but then when you try and save the report the error below appears

I found the answer to the problem on a forum

basically you need to export the chart, open the xml and change the variable stepname into

You just need to replace “stepname” with the name of your custom field. For example, if your field is called new_salesstage, the order element would look like this:

<order alias=”stepname ” descending=”false” />

To (or whatever the name of your field is)

<order alias=”salesstagecode ” descending=”false” />


You should

and finally you should see the fixed pipeline












Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Entity Relationship Diagrams

When you start off developing with CRM 2011 it can take you quite a while to understand how all the entities are related to each other.

So something which would have helped me is an Entity Relationship diagram and then now that I have a pretty good idea how it is all linked together I finally find one.

The good chaps at Microsoft have created one and you can download it here

The download contains a visio file for all the major areas in CRM.  Actually looking at the list it seems a bit confusing


Case Contract



Customer Server


Knowledge Base


Product Catalog