Articles on passing the CRM 2011 Applications certification

firstly makes sure you know what you are being tested on, check the criteria specified on the certification, which you can find here

Looking at the exam criteria I think it’s very important to learn the new functionality in CRM 2011



Dashboards and graphs

The difference between static and dynamic marketing lists

The limitations of quick campaigns compared to marketing campaigns

good article, written by magnetism CRM blog, you can read the full article here


1. Know the difference between static marketing list and dynamics marketing list
2. Understand the concept of leads and leads conversion
3. Understand the difference between campaign and quick campaign
4. Understand the features of Dashboards and charts
5. Understand the concept of product catalog
6. Understand the perception of Goals
7. Practice different methods of Export to excel
8. Know what can synchronize between Microsoft Outlook and CRM
9. Understand the progression of Knowledge Base articles
10. Be knowledgeable about Articles and cases
11. Understand the concept of reporting and other analysis tools
12. Understand the process of Service scheduling and resource allocation

another good article can be found here


It has a lot of general information but these are the best tips from the article above

  • Goal management: understand what values are recorded on which entity, the impact of ownership, fiscal year settings.
  • Teams and queues: this is where most of your answers based on experience from CRM 4.0 will guide you down the wrong path, so forget what you know and learn the new CRM 2011 way of working.
  • Charts and dashboards: what the user can do vs. what the admin can do, this should actually be pretty much 101 stuff if you’re well in grips with the solution management side of things. However, you shouldn’t forget about SSRS entirely: open each default report at least once and try them out, just to refresh your memory.
  • Marketing lists: Try building a few dynamic marketing lists to see how they’re different from the traditional static ones, and also how to mix’n match them.
  • Scheduling: you’ll need to understand how capacity management and resource selection rules work from the service and the resource perspectives, there’s just no way around this.
  • Record statuses: trust me, things that require no attention from you in everyday life will be very important here, so play around with as many different entities as you have time for and examine what actions are available on the ribbon in which record status.
  • RTFM: knowing how the system works is not good enough, as some of the questions are clearly derived from how the use cases are described in the training material, and in these kind of exams every word in the questions and answers is significant. So, don’t just play around with the fun tools built into CRM 2011 or trust what a lecturer tells you – also read through the MOC PDF’s.


this is for crm 4 but you can still test yourself and the core functionality is still the same



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