CRM 2011 – Good list of Javascript articles

The blog Slow xRM has a really good list of useful Javascript articles for CRM 2011.

To check out the whole list go and read the blog post here.  I have copied a sample of some of the articles which I thought were useful and yes of course I put the links to my blog in here.

I would say the most useful CRM 2011 Javascript links on my blog our

CRM 2011 – Javascript Xrm.Page Basics

CRM 2011 – Comparison between CRM 4.0 and CRM2011 script

CRM 2011 – Getting the ServerUrl in Javascript and using

CRM 2011 – Javascript and Subgrids code example


here are some of the links from the Slow xRM article

Date: 01/28/2011 – Source: Biz Forward
Title: Format Date Fields in CRM
Keywords: JavaScript, Date

Date: 06/13/2011 – Source: Power Objects
Title: CRM 2011 Useful JavaScript tidbits
Keywords: JavaScript

Date: 07/24/2011 – Source: MS CRM 2011 Hospital
Title: Auto Refresh of Grids on form while loading MS CRM 2011
Keywords: JavaScript, Form, Grid

Date: 08/07/2011 – Source: MS CRM 2011 Hospital
Title: GetGlobalContext on MS CRM 2011
Keywords: JavaScript, Web Resource

Date: 02/17/2011 – Source: Ben Hosking
Title: How to set up a lookup using Javascript
Keywords: JavaScript, Lookup

Date: 02/24/2011 – Source: Ben Hosking
Title: How to set an attribute label in Javascript
Keywords: JavaScript, Field – Attribute

Date: 05/05/2011 – Source: Ben Hosking
Title: Javascript Date Difference Code
Keywords: JavaScript, Date


3 thoughts on “CRM 2011 – Good list of Javascript articles

  1. snehadeore December 16, 2011 / 6:47 am

    Hello I want to get the following using Javascript but not able to find proper result,

    1. Read a field say product description and create array of substrings for chars found between every \r\n (i.e \CR\LF). If no \r\n are found then whole string goes into one array element
    2.Read each array element and insert \r\n in the string after every ‘intProductLineChars’ (i.e. 60 chars) and copy /add to string variable to strProductDescription.

    I have written code in webresource (Javascript)

    function calculatecharacters()

    var FieldObject =‘new_productdesp’);
    if (FieldObject.getValue() != null)
    var value = FieldObject.getValue();
    alert(“Product desp is”+ value);


    Kindly help,


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